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Wellbeing & Behaviour Management Mentor

I am Christine Clarke, Holywell’s behaviour mentor.

My role is to support alongside teaching and non-teaching staff, Holywell pupils who may be struggling to engage with learning. This can be reflected in their behaviour both at home and at school and can also impact their interaction with their peers.

I offer 1:1 and small group sessions with the children to help improve both behaviour and social skills. I get to know all of the children by spending time in each classroom and by being in the playground at break and lunchtimes. Another of my roles is to be available to listen to parents, to identify worries and problems you may have about your children. Parents may recognise signs of unhappiness or worry before it becomes apparent in school and we can usually sort out problems quickly if we know about them.

We are constantly uploading useful links for parents and websites that may be helpful. Please see the wellbeing drop-down menu for more details.

You can contact me via  and I will do whatever I can to support your child and you as a family.   



Christine Clarke