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E-Safety @ Holywell Primary School



  • Can find, access and process information.
  • Have the skills to choose and use technology efficiently and adapt their skills to meet the challenge of new technologies.
  • Can use a range of technologies to communicate effectively and appropriately.

The children at Holywell Primary School frequently use the Internet as an essential resource for their education. To ensure their online safety, all of our students participate in age-appropriate e-safety activities during the Autumn Term. With the growing prevalence of the Internet both in and outside of school, it is important to protect our learners from potential harm. As our world continues to change and evolve, children are increasingly exposed to various forms of media and information, making it vital that we take steps to keep them safe.


Tips & Useful Links

How Parents and Carers can help:

One of the most important messages that children should be taught is to keep new online friends strictly online. If someone they don't know asks to be their online friend, they must ask for permission first. Moreover, if someone they do not know asks to meet them in the real world, they must tell you about it immediately.


It is crucial to know how to use the CEOP Button and report to the CEOP Centre if you are worried about someone's online behaviour towards your child.


The following links provide some great information:


Think U Know

Kid Smart

Know it All

NSPCC e-safety

Hector’s World (5-7 year olds)

BandRunner (8-10 year olds)

BBC - Stay Safe.

National Parents and Teachers Association