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One of the features that make Holywell such a special place is the vast variety of countries from where our families come. At times we have had pupils from every continent!

We believe our diverse community is a real strength and consider Holywell to be unique and truly ‘International’. We have actively developed a real ‘international’ feel to our school and have held International Focus Weeks to celebrate the music, art and traditions of many other countries.

A great deal of our curriculum contains a global element, we teach French in KS2, we discuss celebrations from a variety of religions and have a partnership with Loughborough Chinese School who run classes at Holywell on Saturdays.

We also have very close partnerships with a Dong Chenggen Primary School in Chengdu, China, many of their teachers have visited our school to learn from us, and lots of our teachers have visited them to learn about education in China.

We have had partnerships with schools in other parts of the world and welcome the opportunity to learn more about life and culture in other countries.