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School Day

The School Day


Key Stage 1 (FS,Y1 &Y2)

Session 1: 8.55am – 10.20am

Playtime: 10.20am – 10.35am

Session 2: 10.35am – 12.00noon

Lunch: 12.00noon – 1.00pm

Afternoon: 1.00pm – 3.15pm


Key Stage 2 (Y3,Y4,Y5,Y6)

Session 1: 8.55am – 10.20am

Playtime: 10.20am – 10.35am

Session 2: 10.35am – 12.15pm

Lunch: 12.15pm – 1.15pm

Afternoon: 1.15pm – 3.15pm


As of September 2023, the school is open for a total of 31 hours and 40 minutes per week.


From September 2024, the school will start at 8.50 am and finish at 3.20 pm, and will therefore be open for 32 hours and 30 minutes per week.


Traveling to School

The school car park is for use by staff only. There is on-road parking on the roads surrounding the school and we always ask our parents to be courteous to our school neighbours. we kindly ask that you follow our voluntary one-way system.

Arriving at School

The School Gates open at 8.45 am. Children should wait in the playground. Classroom doors also open at 8.50 am and staff will be on duty at this time, to 'meet and greet'. It is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children before 8.50 am.

We ask parents/carers to avoid having conversations with staff before the start of the day unless sharing essential information regarding their child's welfare or safety so that the teaching day can start promptly. If it is necessary to speak to the teacher about your child's learning and classroom experience, please email, or phone, the school office and the identified staff member will make contact with you.

School officially starts at 8.55 am The gates onto the playgrounds will be locked at 9 am. Any child arriving after 9.00 am should enter the school through the Main Reception with an adult and sign in or out at the office using the online InVentry system.


It is important that the school is informed if your child is going to be absent/late/leaving early.  You must contact the school office to inform us of the absence on each morning that your child is away from school, this should be done before 9 am the school has an answering machine to record messages or you can submit an absence form on WEDUC. School records are computerised and every absence must be accounted for and authorised by the Headteacher


Leaving School at the End of Each Day

At the end of the day, children collect their belongings from the cloakrooms and meet their carers outside the classroom door. Foundation Stage and KS1 pupils are only allowed to leave their classrooms if their parent/carer is present; they are personally ‘handed over to them. If staff do not know the adult collecting the pupil they will not hand them over.

Please tell us if there are any changes as to who will meet your child.


In KS2 pupils are reminded that they must come back to school immediately if they are not met.


We encourage children throughout the school to learn to take responsibility for their belongings. It is important also that, during their primary years, children can learn to make safe decisions as they gradually gain independence. We value your support in helping them to do this.