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School Profile

School Profile


Holywell Primary is a Single Converter Academy School (November 2012) with a larger than an average number of pupils on roll. We are located next to Loughborough University and many of our children are from university families. We have a high multi-ethnic population, with approximately 30 languages spoken and families joining us from all over the world: due to this we consider ourselves to have been an ‘international’ school and enjoy the diversity of cultures, languages and religions in our school.


We have ha
d high and increasing standards over many years and we set ourselves very challenging targets. Our children thrive and make very good progress, and we ensure that we keep careful track of their attainment and progress.

Teaching and Learning

We are a very supportive setting and believe strongly in personal development and the development of our staff. We all work consistently towards outstanding teaching, to result in outstanding learning. In addition to the core subjects of English and Maths, we have a strong and broad curriculum, ensuring that all subjects are taught well and that children have a wide range of opportunities. The strength of our curriculum has been recognised by OFSTED. We have recently gained the Silver Artsmark and the Silver Sports Games Award.

Behaviour at Holywell is outstanding; the way that pupils conduct themselves in school and apply themselves in lessons has consistently been observed to be outstanding and supports our high-quality learning environment. We promote a positive learning culture and actively celebrate achievement, but we also strive to instil a Growth Mindset in our children, where the values of perseverance, tenacity, and risk-taking are highly valued – children are encouraged to try their best, to learn from mistakes and not be afraid to ask!




We hold the UNICEF Gold Award, the highest possible RightsRespecting Schools Award and our children are very clear about their rights and responsibilities: they care about each other and the wider world.

Attendance is very high at Holywell and we have a very supportive parent body who sustain the work of the school.




Leadership and Management

We had a new Headteacher from August 2019, following the retirement of the previous Headteacher, however, continuity was ensured as it was a local Headteacher who was appointed to the post and who had previously worked in our academy partnership. He is supported by our Deputy Headteacher who also has over 20 years in Loughborough schools, and the rest of the team remained unchanged. This has meant that we maintain our experience and confidence and ensures that we continued to be forward-thinking and innovative. The Assistant Headteacher is on the local teacher training board. We invest strongly in middle leadership development and work closely with LPAP (Loughborough Primary Academy Partnership).

We have a very strong and interested governing body, who play an active role in monitoring and evaluating school practice