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There is a recommended school uniform for wear by Holywell pupils, and parents are asked to support us in ensuring that their children wear it at school and when on school activities.  The school colours are grey and royal blue, so clothes which conform to this combination are acceptable. 


The recommended uniform is:

  • Grey or black trousers (no jeans).
  • Grey or black shorts (If children wear shorts in the summer months, please ensure they comply with the school's recommended colours. Lightweight beach/athletic shorts are not suitable for school wear).
  • Grey or a black skirt.
  • Pinafore or dress, either plain or blue/white check or blue/white stripes.
  • Holywell logo polo shirt in white or royal blue or a plain white shirt or blouse.
  • Long-sleeved cardigan - either with the Holywell logo or plain royal blue.
  • Holywell fleece (Optional) 
  • Blue Holywell cap
  • Blue or white headscarf (when required)
  • Black school shoes are required (no trainers) (Boots or wellingtons worn during inclement weather should be changed for school shoes on entering the school building.


“Holywell” polo shirts, jumpers, and fleeces and PE kits are available from ‘Rosebuddies’ who are situated on Loughborough Market  or via their website


P.E. Uniform is to be worn on PE days. The class teacher will inform you when these days are.

  • A plain, white t-shirt
  • Black shorts (cycling shorts are allowed, but only black)
  • Black or white plimsolls and a pair of trainers (for the Kids Kilometre)
  • Tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a long-sleeved top/jumper. (These should be plain and either white, blue, grey or black.)
  • (Football boots are useful from Year 3, but not essential.)



BOOK BAGS  - Each child needs a book bag, these are available from the school office for £5.00.


The governing body does not accept liability for the security of personal items on school premises.  The wearing of jewellery and watches in school can cause all manner of problems for children and staff, and we do discourage it generally.  The Health and Safety advice of the LA. is that "All jewellery and other adornments should be removed before participating in physical activities".  If such removal is unacceptable for cultural, religious reasons or newly pierced, then items may be covered for the duration of the activity


Please ensure all items of clothing including hats, gloves, scarfs and other belongings such as lunch boxes, water bottles are ALL NAMED. We can only return lost items if have been named. We do not have a lost property box in school so any items left in school un-named at the end of every half term are disposed of.