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School Uniform

We ask that parents and carers help us maintain our high standards by supporting the wearing of the correct uniform.

Our branded school uniform can be purchased directly from Rosebuddies Online Shop (

Alternatively, non-branded items that fit the below description are perfectly acceptable. 


Everyday School Uniform

  • Grey smart trousers or grey smart shorts (knee length)
  • Grey knee-length skirt
  • Grey pinafore dress
  • Holywell logo white polo shirt or plain white polo shirt/shirt or blouse
  • Holywell logo royal blue polo shirt or plain royal blue polo shirt
  • Holywell logo royal blue cardigan or plain royal blue cardigan
  • Holywell logo royal blue sweatshirt or plain royal blue sweatshirt or jumper
  • Size-appropriate, hair accessories in school colours
  • Formal, plain, black school shoes (trainers are not allowed apart from on PE days, boots are not acceptable)
  • Plain royal blue or white headscarf (if required)

In warmer weather

  • Grey smart shorts (lightweight beach/athletic shorts are not suitable for school wear)
  • Summer dress blue and white check
  • Blue Holywell logo cap

In colder weather

  • Holywell logo royal blue fleece or plain royal blue fleece


PE kit

Children are to continue to wear PE school uniforms to school on the days that they have PE.

  • Plain black sports shorts
  • Holywell logo white t-shirt or plain white t-shirt
  • Holywell logo navy blue PE sweatshirt or navy blue plain sweatshirt
  • Holywell logo navy blue  PE jogging bottoms or navy blue plain jogging bottoms


PE kit guidelines for the cold weather.


Now that the weather has turned cooler and wetter, please note the following for your child during their PE lessons. Please be reminded that the PE kit includes a white t-shirt with a sweatshirt and jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts, which should be plain (or have the Holywell logo) BLACK, or NAVY only.  

· Children may wear a white, navy, or black base layer to wear under their white PE t-shirt.

· Children need to wear a plain or Holywell navy or black sweatshirt or hoodie that is sufficient for the weather.

    Woolen or knitted jumpers/cardigans are not appropriate PE kits.

· Earrings must be removed for PE. Whilst tape can be applied after a piercing for 1 term, it is otherwise not advisable for PE.  Children must provide their own tape or they will be unable to fully participate in lessons.

· Hair must be tied back and out of children’s eyes. Sports hairbands are a great solution for children with shorter hair. Please encourage your child to have a spare hair bobble in their bag at all times.

· Coats will not be permitted to be worn during PE, but when the weather is very cold, fingerless gloves and a woolly hat may be worn.

· Please do not send your child to school with patterned or branded sportswear for their PE kit.

· Trainer laces should be double-knotted at the start of the day. Students with untied or very loose laces risk falling or hurting their ankles, which will impact their ability in PE.


We do offer a 2nd Hand Uniform Shop a few times throughout the school year. Please contact the School Office for more details