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Holywell Primary is a Single Convertor Academy School ( November 2012) with a larger than average population. School has a unique setting in regard to school population due to location next to Loughborough University. School has a high multi- ethnic population with 30 languages spoken. School considers itself an international setting.

• Consistently increasing standards across many years
• School has set itself challenging targets
• Children thrive and make good progress in an ethos of high expectation
• Robust tracking systems in place for all subjects

• Rigorous approach to ensure teaching is good and outstanding
• Consistency in practice across the school is a priority aim
• Curriculum has been seen as innovative and the school has been part of LA curriculum remodelling and sharing of good practice initiatives. School has also supported individual schools in developing their teaching and curriculum development
• School has an agreed set of criteria as to what good and outstanding teaching looks like,

• Behaviour is outstanding, conduct around school and in lessons has been observed to be outstanding and supporting the high quality learning environment
• Holywell promotes a positive learning culture where the celebration of achievement in all aspects is a priority
• Attendance is consistently high
• Parents support the work of the school
Leadership and Management
• A highly experienced, confident and forward thinking leadership team
• Headteacher is a Local Leader of Education and Deputy Headteacher is a Specialist


Leader of Education. 
• Staff encouraged by the school to participate in system leadership both locally and internationally
• School investing heavily in Middle Leader Development and research work
• Governors play active role in monitoring and evaluating school practice and have very high expectations of school performance