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Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage News Page.  Please click on the icons below to access useful information, links to resources and news about what we have been doing.

Autumn 2018

Foundation Stage Topic Day - Retelling the Story of Zog


We had so much fun learning the story of 'Zog' and retelling different parts.

First, we listened to Mrs. Bryer reading the story to us in the woodlands, then we found some sticks to turn into wands. The children loving casting spells on each other and making up new magic words! We then found natural materials such as leaves and sticks to put onto our 'magic' sticky shields.

After break time we went to 'Dragon School' on the field and had a go at four key skills needed to become a fully fledged dragon. First, we learned to fly with fabric for wings, then we tried our best roaring with both our voices and instruments (we were especially good at the roaring!) before breathing fire with fabric. Finally, we practiced our balancing and climbing skills along the trim trail to rescue the princess at the end. It was so much fun!

We regained our strength with some delicious dinner and then reminded ourselves of the story we had learned. By looking at pictures of the different parts of the story and putting them in order, we were able to retell the story. Our dragon teachers were very impressed by how well we were able to sequence the pictures!

Next, we set about making some dragon paper chains and decorations for our dragon party, as well as making and tasting some yummy biscuits - for some dragon energy of course!

Our day finished with some party games and Dragon Graduation where we received our certificates for passing Dragon School with all of our new skills!

Well done for dressing up and getting fully stuck in with our Topic Day Foundation Stage, you made fantastic dragons!