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One of the features that makes Holywell such a special place is the vast variety of countries from where our families come.  At times we have had pupils from every continent!  We believe this is a real strength and consider Holywell to be unique and truly ‘International’  and have developed a real ‘international’ feel to our school.  Lots of our curriculum has a global element, we teach French in KS2, we have a Chinese Club after school and have a partnership with a Chinese School who run classes at Holywell on Saturdays. 

We have very close partnerships with a Dong Chenggen Primary School in Chengdu, China and with Hari Shree Vidyalayam School in Chennai, India.  Many classes have ‘penfriends’ or ‘e-pals’ in these schools and the classes concerned work on some curriculum projects with their partners.  Staff from Holywell have visited these schools on a number of occasions and their staff have visited us which has cemented the partnerships.