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Clubs and activities.

It has been wonderful to have a greater number of clubs and activities at lunchtime and after school this term. We are coming up to the end of this half-term and getting ready to offer another round. Here are some top tips that will help your child (and us) make the best selections.

1. Chat with your child about the clubs they want to do and limit the selection. Applying for all the clubs may result in a     selection your child doesn’t want to do! Please choose only what your child has chosen and help them understand what is required, this will more likely result in success! Unfortunately, several clubs were heavily oversubscribed and some of these students didn’t even want to attend in the first place!

2. Read the club information sheet. This is especially important with the sports clubs as there are competitions linked to many of them. Should your child not wish/is not at a standard to participate in the competition then please do not enter them into the club. Often the number of these sessions is very limited and the club must be seen as preparation time.

3. Showing consideration and respect. Should your child not want to join a selected club or isn’t attending a club session, the school must be informed as soon as possible. In addition to this, if your child is in school and knows that they will not be attending it would be greatly appreciated if they told the club leader themselves.

4. Commitment to the club. Only sign up for the clubs if you can commit to the day and times. We have had a lot of children this term who need to be collected early, this disrupts the club and the club leader and we are not able to accommodate this going forward.


Sporting Stars! 


We’ve kicked off our new term as well as we finished the last! Not only have our sporting clubs been going strong but we are already in the throes of competition!

Dodgeball Competition

At the end of the Autumn term our Year 6s were excited to participate in a Dodgeball competition organized by the Loughborough School Games Partnership. It was certainly a fun competition to prepare for and our Holywell team did a great job facing new opposition rather than their classmates! Mrs Peaty and Mrs Brown both commented on the sportsmanship and fair play that our students demonstrated in their games. Well done to Neve, Alcina, Grace, Aisha, Maulik, Nathan Teoman, and Aslan.


Basketball Competition

Only two weeks into the start of term and Holywell was at it again but competing in a Basketball tournament this time! After only three training sessions together we had to whittle down a very able group of 15 Year 5 and 6’s to a squad of 10.

The tournament was against 14 other schools in North Charnwood and the initial round was completed with the schools in four groups. Holywell did a fantastic job, gaining confidence, speed, and ball control as they played in a completely different set-up to Holywell! They won the first round coming top of their table and progressed to playing against the other group winners.

This round was certainly a lot tougher and the squad had to pick up their game to communicate, get into space and keep possession of the ball.  The first two games were tough, but their final game was the boost they needed as they came back with some fantastic play! After such an exciting event Holywell finished in 3rd place and our well-deserving squad was awarded a bronze medal by the Charnwood Riders. Congratulations to Ehan and Lucas (Team captains), Maulik, Oliver G, Conor, Alastair, George, Ethan SC, Alex, and Christian.


Gymnastics, Cross Country, Athletics

Over the next few weeks, we have some more competitions coming up for students from the whole school! Year 1-6s will be taking part in a Key Steps gymnastics competition in Shepshed, KS2 children will be running in the next round of the Cross Country league and we have an indoor sports hall athletics competition for Year 5/6. It’s certainly a busy time and our students involved are working hard to do their best and have fun.




Sporting Stars! 

Sporting Stars

We’ve had another busy term with some more competitions, clubs, and events taking place. All our students representing Holywell have done so wonderfully and we commend them for their enthusiasm, perseverance, and sportsmanship. They are all super sporting stars!

Year 3/4 Mixed Football Tournament

On Thursday 3 November, we had our mixed Year 3/4 Football at Charnwood College. Congratulations to Bentley, Kaden, Francesca, Oscar, Nathan, Oliver, George, Federico, Isaac, Charles, and Remy, a fantastic team who showed some outstanding defending, and dynamic attack and they scored some wonderful goals.  A very fun tournament to watch and Holywell placed 2nd in their group, what a team! Unfortunately, they didn’t progress further on this occasion, however, we can’t wait to see them in action again.

Prestwold Cross Country

On Saturday 26 November, the last Prestwold Cross Country race took place. It was a clear and dry morning and our runners did an amazing job! The course was very muddy, but the commitment and perseverance of our students should be commended. Mr Petrie and Mrs Fazzani came to support and cheer on Holywell, we are so proud of you all!

Congratulations to Rose, Sumayah, Kaden, Cameron, Oliver S, Arran, Jacob, Alistair, and Seth who have competed in all three Prestwold races this term! Rose even won another medal for finishing in the top 3 at every race. Well done Rose, keep up the good work!


Sporting Stars! 

Year 6 Mixed Football Tournament

Early in October Mrs Peaty and Ms PS took 18 Year 6 students (two teams) to Charnwood College for a football tournament against local schools. Each team played against 6 other schools and worked hard to press into the attack, score some goals and put up some excellent defence. It was fantastic to see our students in action after seeing their passion during lunchtime practices in the run-up to the event. Unfortunately, our squads didn’t make it to the semi-finals, but we couldn’t be prouder of the sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance that the teams showed in the group stages. 


Upcoming fixtures:

Our next Prestwold Cross Country dates are coming up on Saturdays 29 October and 26 November. All KS2 children are welcome to attend and you may sign up in advance for these dates (if you haven’t already) via the letter sent out via Weduc. Please come prepared for wet weather! Children may wear football boots to run in. This is always an exciting and well-run event, just look out for the Holywell banner and meet Mrs Peaty and Ms PS there!


Our next exciting football tournament is for our Year 3/4 mixed football squad on Thursday 3 November. We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing the children have fun and work as a team in a competitive game situation.