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Mrs Mia Ings - Headteacher
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16th November 2017

What a great morning!! We got through our flu vaccinations in record time and they were joined by Martyn Rooney. Martyn opened our Kid’s Kilometre track in great style, accompanied by the Sports Captains and Mr Chavda, to the sound of Holywell cheering them on. Martyn was also pleased to receive one of our Sportsmanship medals!

15th November 2017

What an exciting week, and an especially exciting Thursday! We have flu vaccinations going on in school that day. We also have Martyn Rooney opening our Kid’s Kilometre Track, accompanied by East Midlands Today, and to finish the day we have our Curriculum Evening from 5.30pm. Please come along to the evening and find out ideas to help support your child’s learning. We will also have some great books available to order which support the learning in every year group.

27th October 2017

We have had a great week with all things to do with Health and Wellbeing, finishing off with a whole school assembly when we showed each other what we had been learning. Hopefully, this will set us up for the rest of this very busy term.

Don’t forget to sign up for the curriculum Evening!

24th October 2017

What a lovely start to our Wellbeing Week – the Life bus has arrived and will be on site all week, and children have already taken part in some lovely emotions learning, anti-bullying activities, yoga, healthy cooking, and healthy exercise work. It is shaping up for a really great week!

10th October 2017

Just a reminder of Parent’s Evenings tomorrow and Thursday – I look forward to meeting many of you. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to leave at the Bluemoon with myself or Mr Stephenson. See you tomorrow!


5th October 2017

A quick reminder – it is ‘Cow Day’ tomorrow, when we are trying to raise money to send animals to Africa, please let your child come dressed in black and white (and maybe with cow’s ears??) and to bring a coin – 50p or £1 to raise money for the great cause!.

Can I also remind parents that we have a voluntary one-way system around the streets near school – there were a number of cars going in the opposite direction this morning which was a little chaotic, and could be dangerous for our children.

19th September 2017

A lovely start to the week, ex-pupil Lawrence Robertson visited during the school assembly and presented the school with a painting he had created especially for us. Lawrence already showed great artistic flair when he was at Holywell and he has clearly continued to develop his artistic skills. Our painting is acrylics on canvas, based around the idea of a stained glass window looking over a village. Lawrence drew much inspiration from the artists of St Ives, Cornwall. The children were truly inspired by Lawrence’s visit and his gift and have been admiring the picture which is hanging on the slope near the library. Lawrence is off to University this Friday, where he will be studying English and creative writing – another creative passion – we wish him the very best of luck and thank him for our lovely artwork.

4th September 2017

We are into a full second week back at school and up to now (fingers crossed) everything is going really well. This morning as we walked through school all the children were hard at work, engaged and interested in their lessons, and when we spoke to them, keen to make progress. This afternoon there was a really vibrant feel to the school – children carrying out sound surveys, art lessons taking place, exciting light and shadow activities and learning going on, lots of PE, children using ipads and our new foundation Stage children learning about the school and where everything is – and everyone seemed happy and to be enjoying their learning – what a great start!