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14th July 2017

As we draw to a close of the 2016 – 2017 academic year, I would like to thank everyone for all their support and hard work this year. Quite a few children are leaving us as they are moving house, or returning to their home country, and I would like to wish them and their families the very best of luck. Our Year 6 children did us proud in their Leavers Service and they too will be missed next year – congratulations and good luck to them too. We have been impressed with our year 6 children and they have proved just how hard they have worked in their recent tests, with Holywell achieving the highest Year 2 SATs results ever - our success rates this year were: Science 92%, Maths 97%, Writing 90%, Reading 98% and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 100% with a very high percentage of children achieving the higher levels. A fantastic end to a fantastic year. Happy holidays everyone and I look forward to seeing you all next year!

20 June 2017

What an amazing day – thank you so much to everyone who supported the Ipad challenge. To date we have raised £5541!! – nearly 14 ipads. The children were so enthusiastic and really well behaved, cheering everyone on. The Year 6 House and Sports Captains helped with some of the classes and we had children from Year 5 who helped all day – really showing their leadership qualities in preparation for next year. A fantastic effort everyone and thank you again to family and friends for your support. (43 seconds was the quickest time around the course – two boys in year 5 joint first and 44 seconds for a girl in year 5 – WOW!)

19th June 2017

Congratulations to Mrs Linnitt who was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list – Holywell is very proud!

16th June 2017

What an interesting day – our Mastermind Maths Challenge winners were Alyssa (Y5 and Y6 champion) Hadi (Y3 and Y4 champion) and Shashank (Y1 and Y2 champion) well done to all of them! We also had a lunchtime fire drill that went really well – the children were brilliantly behaved and sensible. Finally a reminder for all children who wish to take part in the ‘Ipad for ipads’ sponsored event on Tuesday, please bring your sponsorship/permission slip and money to school on Monday. Have a great weekend – the weather forecast is for warm and sunny!

8th June 2017

A very quick start to the last half term of the year. Our Year 6 and Year 2 children have completed their SATs and all the other year groups have completed their assessments – we are just about to start with the year 1 phonics testing.

Mrs Bassett and Mrs Horler are back with us – and we are really pleased to have them with us.

Year 5 have started Bikeability – you may see them on the roads around school in their high viz jackets. Please be very careful of them if you do.

Here’s to a really successful and happy end to the year!

26th May 2017

Happy half term to everybody, stay safe and see you all on Monday 5th June.

23 May 2017

Our thoughts go to all the parents and families of those caught in the events in Manchester last night. Our staff were on standby to support any children upset by what they saw and heard on the news, or anyone directly affected by what happened. We can only imagine the feelings of all those directly involved.

12th May 2017

A very interesting week!!

Well done to our year 6 pupils – we are really proud of the mature way in which you approached your SATs and the hard work you put in, a fantastic effort by all of you!

Our Year 4 pupils also enjoyed a great residential trip at Dukes Barn, and all got home safe and sound.

The next two weeks see assessments taking place in all the other year groups, followed by a well earned half term.

2nd May 2017

Thank you, everyone, for sending your children in so smartly last week. On Thursday we had our new style class photos and on Friday we had Matt, a visiting photographer, on site to take photos for our new look website. The photos we saw looked great and we can’t wait to see the rest.


On a more serious note – please can everyone make sure they do NOT use the driveway from Thirlmere Drive as a walkway. This is for access by vehicles ONLY and is too dangerous for pedestrians.

7th April 2017

A successful end to the Spring term, which has included two of our teachers flying off to work with our partner school in China during the Easter holidays. I wish everyone has a happy and relaxing Easter break.

31st March 2017

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the Year 3/4/5 production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ – what a triumph! Also a thank you to all the staff who gave so much of their time preparing scenery, costumes, dances, music, script and rehearsing the children.

27th March 2017

This morning the whole school watched the dress rehearsal of Years 3/4/5 ‘ production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’. What a great performance – fantastic acting, singing and dancing and some great humour too. Parents, you are in for a treat!!

14th March
Just a reminder that the deadline for the 500 Word Competition is this Friday (17th March).
13th March

Year 3 and 4 had a surprise treat today. M&M Productions offered us a last minute performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was a great performance, full of fun, dancing, acting and songs and particularly great as it was such a surprise!

8th March 2017


We had our final collection of bags for Rainbows on Monday 6th March – you contributed an amazing 184 bags and it is estimated that on average each bag is worth £10 – so a fabulous total of £1840, Thank you, everyone, who contributed!

We also worked on Britain Day in school on Monday, with children learning about the democratic process, about debating and listening to arguments, and about the rule of law in the UK – it was a really good day with children showing real interest and diplomacy in debating.

28th February 2017

A great big thank you to everyone who took part in the 46th annual Holywell Panto – Peter Pan. It was a huge success with some great actors, a really funny script, super costumes and scenery – all supported by behind the scenes staff. A great effort by everyone – and such fun – Thank you again.

21st February

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great half term. Please make sure you have booked your parent evening slot on line.

31st January 2017

Thank you to all the Mums who came along to our Mums in School morning today. Hopefully the lessons you attended gave you an idea of the work we are doing with your children on Spelling, and also that they gave you some ideas as to how to work with us. The presentation given by Mrs Bardsley is in the Key Information/Curriculum element of the website if you would like to refer back to it.


4th January 2017

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to the Spring Term. I hope everyone had a fun as well as restful break and that we are all ready for 2017.


We welcome a few new children to the school this year and we also welcome a new member of staff to our Support Staff and Lunchtime Staff Teams – Mrs Alison Glover, with whom we are all looking forward to working with.


Some other, exciting news, is that Mrs Shaw is expecting a baby and will start her maternity leave shortly after the February half term. Mrs Sutton will be taking her class on a full time basis and Mrs Horler will be taking her class, also on a full time basis, for the rest of the year. I am sure you would all like to join me in offering Mrs Shaw our congratulations!

1st December

We have some very excited children in Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2, as they prepare for their Performances of The First Christmas next week, and we also have some very busy parents, getting ready for the PSA Christmas Fair which is in the school hall tomorrow from 3.15pm – please come along and help to make it a success.  Don’t forget – you can pick up your child’s Christmas Cards if you ordered them, from a stall at the fair.

11th November

Our children held a two minute silenced today, the first minute in absolute silence and the second to the strains of the Las Post.  The children were respectful and reflective, and made us very proud.

10th November

Thank you to everyone who has manged to visit us for parents evenings this week and I do apologise for not being able to be present on Tuesday and Wednesday due to other commitments.  I hope you had the opportunity to meet Mr Stephenson, our Deputy Head in my place.  If anyone did want to talk specifically to me, please contact Mrs Shanks in the office and she will arrange a meeting. We had really good feedback from the vast majority of you who competed the questionnaire and  I will publish the results in the next newsletter.  Thank you again for working in partnership with us to support your children’s learning.

Hello everyone, we have just carried out our midterm assessments and the children have really tried hard.  Year 4 have had a very interesting visit from an archaeologist and Year 2 had a great trip to Bosworth Battle Field.  Next week it is parents evenings, so please try to come and talk to your children’s teacher to find out how they are doing and how we can work together to help our children make even more progress!


I believe that many of you have experienced difficulties with the website producing the children’s Christmas Cards.  Karen has been working tirelessly to try and sort this out for everyone, and the fault lies totally with the provider, whose system cannot cope with the traffic.  She has spoken to the company who will honour any orders which have gone through their system, and have agreed that they will work on a paper based system for the remainder.  Karen and other members of the PSA have volunteered to give up their own time to process these orders – which is really kind of them.  The Christmas Card idea was a really good one, giving something to parents and children. As well as supporting the school and it is a great shame that, due to complications over which the PSA had no control, that the ordering system went awry.  Please don’t decide not to order, the company have said they will make sure orders are completed.  Thank you to Karen and her team for their ongoing efforts – and I hope you all love your cards when you receive them!

Good News.

Good News. 1

25th October

Just a reminder to everyone that the Book Sale is in school this week Tuesday to Friday – come and see what books are available – and maybe start thinking about stocking fillers?

14th October

Well, we come to the end of our International Focus Week – and the end of the first half term!

Focus week has been great, from thinking about Spain on Monday, China on Tuesday, Africa on Wednesday, Australia on Thursday and today each year group are studying a country of their choice.  We have had dance, art and drumming workshops, carried out sums in Chinese, created masks and other pieces of Art, learned geographical skills, listened to stories from other cultures and written our own.  A really fabulous week, which also involved our hosting our Chinese partner teachers from Chengdu, who observed our lessons and also taught in Year 3 – a lovely end to half term.

I hope everyone has a really enjoyable week off and that the children (and staff) come back on 24th October relaxed and ready to start all over again!

11th October

Happy China Day everyone!!

We started our International Focus week with a real Flamenco flourish!  Lots of children learned how to flamenco dance, children learned geographical facts about Spain, and some children even cooked tapas!  The kitchen laid on tasty paella for lunch which smelled delicious!  The whole day started with a welcome ceremony for our Chinese visitors from Dong Chenggen Primary School, with performances by our Dance/Drama group, Street Dance Club and Gymnastics Club entertaining us all and Emma playing the piano for us.  It was a great start and we are expecting great things today as we learn all about China!

7th October

Thank you everyone who supported the school by slowing their children to have a school dinner yesterday.  97% of children entitled to Universal Free School Meals actually had a dinner, which means that we will actually receive that funding - and the children enjoyed their lunch!  Thanks again!

5th October

This week has been another busy one for all the children, and it is good to see the hard work and fun going on in school!

Next Sunday 4 teachers from our partner school in Chengdu will be arriving to spend the week with us, they will be observing some of our teaching and also leading some lessons.  Next week is also our International Focus Week, so all the classes will be going ‘off timetable’ and learning about a different country each day.  We have lots of exciting activities going on, including dance and music workshops, cooking and mask making – it should be a great week!

28th September

A happy week so far - our year 6 pupils started the week for us with a fabulous Harvest Assembly, with the whole school contributing to a great collection of cans and dried goods for the Shepshed Foodbank.  The assembly was based on small acts of kindness and really set us thinking.

Our Sports Captains are out at the University today, being trained in leading games with other children and will hopefully be able to make our play and lunchtimes even more fun.

The weather continues to hold and the children are getting to play outside, which is always a good thing.


21 September

Photos went well on Tuesday this week and today we had our first (very successful) fire drill for the year. 

Fortunately the sun is still shining so the children are getting to play outside., let’s hope the weather stays like this to half term!

13th September

A nice start to the week with an assembly led by Mr Singh from Barnardos.  He told us about the work they do and Sophie's story.  If you would like to help please fill in the form letting your child bring a Barnardos box home.

We also introduced our new school councillors to the school,I'm sure they will do a brilliant job this year. 

With temperatures due to rise this week please don’t forget to apply the sun cream to your child in the morning and remind them to bring in their hats/caps for play and lunchtime.

9th September

Another good week, the children are settled and working hard and the new arrangements for coming into school in the morning in KS2 are going well with much calmer starts to the day. 

This week our House Captains and Sports Captains introduced themselves to the school and explained their hopes and aspirations for the year.  We have a great group of young leaders who are looking forward to a good year. 

Meet the Teacher sessions have been well attended and hopefully you have had the chance to find out a little more about the year ahead for your child. 

Have a good weekend everyone

Hello and welcome back to a new school year!

I hope everyone had a really enjoyable holiday, and made the most of the good weather.

Our term has started successfully, with children smiling as they come to class and meeting their new teachers.  It was straight down to work and play, meeting back up with friends and getting ready for the year ahead. 

In addition to our new children in Foundation Stage and a number of new children in other year groups, we start the year with new staff – Mr Guy Stephenson joins us as Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Kate Connor is our new teacher in Year 1 and Mrs Meryl Horler joins us to teach in Year 3 and also to teach French in Years 4,5 and 6.  Miss Beth Scott also joins us as a Lunchtime Supervisor.  In addition to this, Mrs Coleman is now our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Congratulations also go to Miss Summers, who was married during the holidays and comes back as Mrs Luker.

Also, most up to date news – Mrs Bassett had a little boy on 28th August and our congratulations and best wishes go to her and her husband.

On a personal note, I should like to thank everyone for their congratulations and best wishes on my appointment as Headteacher, I am looking forward to this next chapter in Holywell’s story.

Mia Ings